Are HP and TI cables interchangeable


Are HP and TI cables interchangeable? Thanks.


No. The 50 uses a standard mini-USB, a propriatary serial, an IrDA port, and an SD card.



And while you might wonder if at least the USB cables are interchangable, they are not.


The standard mini-USB cables are interchangeable. I keep one mini USB cable plugged into a USB hub all the time and just change the equipment on the far end of the cable, be it a TI or an HP or whatever fits the plug.

IIRC, modern TI graphic calcs come with a mini-USB to mini-USB cable. This is special because USB is meant to be master (PC) to slave (calc) only. They must have done some magic here. Here is an article about this "USB-on-the-go":

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Ah, you're right. The last time I tried using a generic USB cable with a TI it didn't seem to fit, but I tried again and it did.


And if you thought you could slap a standard RS-232 with modified connector onto the 50G, you can't. Read this.

If you wish to use a serial cable, Eric Rechlin sells one on his commercial site, HP50G RS-232 cable. I have one and it works.

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