32Sii - it's unavailable?!


Have the people at Hewlett Packard started discontinuing calculators again? None of the office supply shops in Toronto, including Business Depot which is where I bought mine four years ago, stock the 32Sii and one of my friends wants to buy one (discovered as I did that the 32Sii and RPN in general is great for physics and computer sciences classes).

Also, if it has been discontinued, what has replaced it? I couldn't find any new HP calculators, RPN or otherwise.

-Robert King


Some resellers say that the HP 32SII has been discontinued. Others say it hasn't. Although HP has recently changed the calculators area on their website
(http://www.hp.com/calculator/) the 32SII is still listed.

One of HP's Canadian retailers tells me that the 32SII has not been discontinued and they have it in stock. Their website is http://www.buyhp.ca/ and you can
call them at 1-888-871-5111 (8:00 - 18:00 EST). The calculator sells for $104 CDN, including shipping.

I hope this helps.


$104 + shipping. Presumably that includes taxes as well. I probably came out a bit better on September 23rd, 1998 at $91.99 (I checked the recipt which is still tucked away at the front of the manual so I've got the price paid and the date) plus the cost of a round trip on the subway.

Now for the 'but it's gone!' part. I checked the website you put and the 32Sii isn't in the calculator section anymore. I also used the search function and fed it the model number and it found nothing, not even a discontinuation notice. I'll tell my friend to keep checking the office supply stores.

-Robert King


It is no longer listed on HP calculator site, the last of the RPN non graphing scientific calcs is history.


I guess it has been discontinued. The 32SII was on HP's new site when I visited it on the 16th of March and now it's gone. Was there any kind of formal notice?

BTW - the URL in my original message should have been http://products.hp-at-home.com/sub_category/sub_category.php?id=8.


>the last of the RPN non
>graphing scientific calcs is history
Not really. We still have the 17BII,
which features both RPN and the other notation;-)
But who knows how long it'll be available...



But who knows how long it'll be

Well, given that the 12C is still available...


HP 17BII was discontinued as well.


This is also a great calc. Very nice and easy solver, all scientific functions, well, a good all-rounder. This one is really good value for money.


mapet: HP 17BII was discontinued as well.

Huh?! It's still listed on their site, though... And it's listed as "In Stock" on hpshopping.com. Where did you see the discontinuation notice?




Some of the decisions at 'HP' seem to be really questionable...


This is (and has been) listed as "out of stock" on

hpshopping.com aka shopping.hp.com

Staples.com lists this as deliverable in "1-3 days" for US $68.99

Good luck shopping. I have one which I hope will be enough.



i was at Frys in Wilsonville, OR on Thursday. they had at least a dozen 32Sii on the rack for ~$59.99.

i haven't checked their website lately (www.outpost.com), but they will ship with a credit card over the phone for those truly interested in a new one.

best regards,


I sent the following to HP Technical Support:

Dear HP,

When you discontinued the HP-41 you released the source code in to the public domain under a "NOMAS" (NOt MAnufacturer Supported)" agreement which has been implemented in emulators such as the superb one by Warren Furlow so the calculator can live on and the user's investment in learning it has not been wasted.

Now that you have discontinued the HP32SII just 4 months after I bought mine, as a supposed long term investment, will you now release the source code as before so that I am not wasting my time? It is a superb machine, but I was hoping to be able to rely on it for many years. If I accidentally break it and cannot buy another one I cannot do that, can I?

Yours faithfully, Edwin Russell.

and received the following reply:

Thank you for contacting HP's Customer Care e-mail support.

I have followed up on the HP 32Sii. I do first want to mention that you have reached technical support, and because the technical support center is not involved in decisions related to research and development of products, I cannot provide a detailed answer to your question.

I do know that we have not been officially notified that the HP 32Sii has been discontinued. It does seem that it has, but we have not received any official notification.

I do know that we support a product for 3 years from the date it is officially discontinued.

I think it is very probable that HP will be releasing the HP 32sii source code in to the public domain . There are several emulators for many of our older calculators, including the HP 12C that we still make. This seems to be standard operating procedure, but again, I am technical support and not involved in this decision. You may want to check at www.hpmuseum.org from time to time, they should have it when it is released.


NOMAS materials are generally not public domain. The one's that I've looked at are copyrighted.

Last week I spoke with several people at HP about releasing ROM code for older calculators including the 41C and they didn't think it was very likely. Concerns expressed included giving the impression that HP doesn’t defend its copyrights and the sort of confusion that we’ve seen recently about what items are or are not OK to copy. In fact, this seems to vary significantly even when you ask different people at HP. I've been given a contact for the new head of HP's calculator operations and I'm waiting to hear his take on all this. (I was told that with all the excitement at HP right now, it might take a while to get an answer.)


Hi, Dave, guys;

is the mentioned excitment caused by the Compaq merging? Is there anything new about that? Just to be up-to-date.



Mostly the merger. There was also a rumor about calculators but that was just casual conversation - nothing that anyone would want taken as an announcement I'm sure.


What rumor!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????


I've heard that early 2nd quarter of 2003 (probably the beginning of April) there'll be an astounding announcement about a new model that will be the answer to everyone's dreams . . .



You mean... duh... April 1st?


Yes, you must mean the HP 43GZX Extreme. More powerful than Intel and Microsoft put together, it will have a monopoly on the calculator market larger than Ander$en had on financial wizardry. It will single handedly cause retailers to clear the shelves of those old nasty Casios and TI's to make way for the new master, the only calculator anyone will ever need. In the finest traditions of the real HP, it is even more reliable than a Toyota Corolla. This calculator has no need for redundancy, you only need one. This calculator is everything to anybody, using it's superior intelligence to customize and connect itself to the brainwaves of the user for seamless and wireless mind integration. Its holographic display penetrates thoughts themselves for the fastest in computational ability. For alpha ability it can also singlehandly run a small and possibly a medium size country be spewing endless alphanumeric characters in the pattern but at a much faster speed of most legislation. Useful for DNA calculations and patterns, it will quickly find it's way into Bioengineering. Able to calculate world optimal peace solutions, it will find its way to the International Negotiations table. It is too wise for anyone on earth to discribe, it just happened and no one really knows how, however it seems that time travel (t)yyyyyy and self cloning by the master unit are some of its functions. Pricing has not been set by HP, however cloning seems to be of a geometric function?!



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