ON key worn out on an HP32S2 - is there still hope?


Just got an HP32S2 with an ON key not responding in 19 of 20 hits, anything else seems OK. Is there a chance to restore this key?



Does the key still 'click' like normal? How clean do you keep the calculator (i.e., is there significant detritus around the keys in general)?

EDIT: [best to source the experts]

Best case: Simple cleaning as per Randy of "Fix That Calc"

Worst case: Surgery (per Paul Brogger)

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Hi, Mike

If you can turn on the 32sII by pressing ON key while gently pressing the frame between LCD and the LN key,

the deformed rubber in the calculator may be the cause. And it could be fixed by the procedure as follows.

Repairing the HP 32sII with faulty keypad

Regards, Lyuka


I had this problem two years ago.
So I followd Lyuka instruction how to repair it.
The most tricky part was to open the calculator.
But if you look on Lyuka site how to open a HP42S you can do the same on your HP32SII.

When you unmount the CPU-board you have to twist back some (6?) metal "ears". These are not made to be twisted to many times.
When you mount the CPU-board back, you can press the board down a little when twisting the ears back in position.

Best regards,


Tnx everybody for the reply, yes - the ON key still has the "klick", nearly not to hear but remarkable in the finger tips. It _is_ used for years but at least on the outside it may be cleaned. So I will try with your hints to fix it inside too.

I am quite astonished by the "press genly near the LN key" trick. Works 100%.


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