OT: Texas eZ430-Chronos WiFi


The eZ430-Chronos is a highly integrated,
wireless development system based for the
CC430 in a sports watch.
It may be used as a reference platform for
watch systems, a personal display for personal
area networks, or as a wireless sensor node
for remote data collection.

TI Link

eZ430 Development Link

PDF Specs Link


Edited: 23 Nov 2009, 3:44 p.m.


do you get the code studio with it? ti.com/ccs ?

looks like fun!


If TI can reenter the digital watch business after a 27 year hiatus, maybe HP can too! :-)


eZ430 Development Link

$3300 euro for the development system?

Even at the discounted $1500 it's still an order of magnitude too expensive.


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