Will a micro sd card fit Hp 50g?



Will a micro sd card fit Hp 50g?


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I use 1GB micro SD with adaptor in mine. Works pretty fine.

Luiz (Brazil)


Yep - it will. I use a micro SD with an adapter in my HP-50 all the time. good prices can be found on micro SD's with the adapters at buy.com


You can get very inexpensive SD cards from Staples this Friday morning. For example, 4GB microSD card for $10. Go to Staples.com and click on the "weekly ad" for the details.

Staples tends to have wonderful deals for us nerds on Black Friday. I've been there at 6AM for several years running. :)


Another good place to get micro SD cards is dealextreme.

- Pauli


For example, 4GB microSD card for $10.

Caution. The 50g does not support >2GB cards.


Caution. The 50g does not support >2GB cards.

Yes, but my G1 phone does :)
The Staples deal looks very attractive.

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