7470A Plotter Pens/Paper?


The HP manual says to use HP pens and paper, but all HP printers I have owned have always said "HP Ink and Paper".

So, what are my options? It is possible to still get HP pens? Are there other pens that work?



These pens are long out of production (by HP), however, there are usually some of these available on 'the auction site'. Many times, the foil envelopes are still sealed, and the pens seem to perform well (even though they are often over 15 years old). There are other brands, and the 'name brand' ones seem to work well.

The plotter paper is very, very smooth - I presume this helps prolong the life of the fiber tipped pens. There may be modern equivalents available, although I don't think paper smoothness is rated. .



They are available here.


There are different widths available as well (3 mm and 7 mm are common sizes, I believe).

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