HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator simulator available for iPhone



Current summary of HP calculator simulator/emulators available for iPhone:

HP-10bii, HP-11C, HP-12C, HP-12C Platinum, HP-15C, HP-16C, HP-17bii+, HP-21, HP-41C/CX, HP-42S, HP-48GX, HP-28C (partial simulation)

Many of the above are available in several versions from multiple software authors (including HP!). There are also many non-HP RPN calculators available.

Please add any to the list that I may have missed.


You got them all as far as I can tell. I have seen all of them except the 28c, and the strange "b"-type calculators you mentioned :)
What is the name of that app that partial simulates a 28c?

My favorite part of browsing the appstore's selection of RPN calculators, especially the free ones, is the reviews by people who think they aren't operating correctly. An excerpt from a great recent review written for the SCI-15C app (an emulator):
"You should add an update that runs this calculator in a way similar to all other calculators (Making sense)."


The HP-28-like App is called "Halcyon Calc".

There is also an obscure, partially implemented HP-32Sii simulation Web App. It is at http://www.kronenberg.org/rpn/

"You should add an update that runs this calculator in a way similar to all other calculators (Making sense)."

I agree with them. Why most of these HP calculators for the iPhone don't even have a proper "=" key. Now what good is a calculator without a "=" key?

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