Hoping my 41CX Found a good home


I think it was about 10 years ago, after serving me well through college and grad school, I auctioned my 41CX thinking not much of it.

Shortly thereafter, I realized I could not live without RPN and bought a 32SII on auction and a manual for it.

Now years later after playing with some online emulators I get a 35s and have the hp bug again. Kicking myself for selling the 41CX. I had a Memory Card, the Math/Stat Card, the original box and even the receipt from the original computer nerd store (at least around Chicago): Elek-Tek. Everything in Mint condition.

I nearly hit a co-worker when he casually told me his sister lent him a 15C and he lost it. <ARGH!>

Glad I found this site and some others to bring back the memories and hoping my old 41CX is in a good spot.



Well, just get another one.


Not sure I could afford it back now ;-)... and it wouldn't be "mine."

I'm starting out asking friends for unused hp calculators to see what I get. Maybe pick up some of the currently available models that are more affordable.


There are some great 41CX emulators for phones, PDAs, and computers. I know its not the same as touching an actual 41CX. But its still a 41CX and they usually come with all the modules.


Do you have a record of the serial number? Who knows, maybe someone here has it.


That was sort of my hope.

Alas, I do not have the serial number. I do remember I included the Sales Receipt from Elek-Tek in the box when I shipped it (not sure if I mentioned that in the auction or not).

I'm slowly starting my own collection with more affordable and recent models. So far I have 32SII, 35s, 38g, as well as a 12c and 10BII on the way.

My luckiest find so far is a friend overseas with a 42s sitting a drawer that he didn't want and will ship to me without cost. He will be getting some Chicago professional Sports Team wear for him and his kids :-).

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