Pioneer series internal photo (17BII, 27S, 42S)


Hi, there.

Just now, I repaired my 42S which had dead '+' key by transplanting the membrane switch from broken 17BII.

Some photo had been taken while repairing. Please take a look on

HP-42S membrane switch transplantation
and also
HP Pioneer series calculator internals




Absolutely fantastic!

How did you restore the bond now that the heat stakes were cut. Glue, screws, ...

Thanks, Geoff



I used a
15W miniature soldering iron to re-melt the heat stakes, though there may be a better method.

Regards, Lyuka


Hello Lyuka,

very nice pics!

I had a trouble with a very bad 32SII 3 years ago and I went that way ( disassembling all the Keyboard ) I did it very careful...

But after that the 32SII never worked OK again...




I should have included that option! It is the one I use the most, sometimes adding a lump of donor plastic.

I also filed my iron to a fine point with a convex shape to push the melted rivet up and out.

Cheers, Geoff

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