41 MCODE: RCL Math Summarized



Just to let you know that the RCL extensions are complete now, and implemented in the SandMath module (where else...)

Here's a recap of the extended functionality:

1. RCL Math operation includes +, -, *, /, and ^(Power)

2. Operation can be changed during data entry (i.e. change from + to *)

3. Can revert to standard RCL (no math) by pressing the radix key

4. Supports RUN and PRGM modes (suffix is taken from next prgm line)

5. Supports INDirect addressing (RUN mode only)

6. Supports field lengh extender (EEX key) for register over 99 (RUN mode only)

7. Supports shortcut access for address 01 to 10 (top two rows, A-J)

8. Allows NULLing the entry if the last key is kept depressed over the time-out period - same as standard functions.

All in all an interesting usage of partial data entry routines, and a few of other mainframe routines to make the operation intuitive and friendly to use.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do...



Ola, Ángel; ¿que tal?

Congratulations again! You are doing so many things with MCode and I can only envy you... 8^) the best possible, if any! Wishing you always the best achievements, my friend!

Just to ask: although obvious, based on all of your previous publications 'where' we all know it happens, will you also disclose the blueprints with these new implementations? In time: is it still being called SandMath5 or was it re-baptized?

Thanks for sharing your MCode with us.


Luiz (Brazil)


Howdy Luiz, thanks for your kind feedback :).

I think I should rev the module to keep a clean tab of which version has what. So SandMath_5.5 it will be.

And sure enough I'll include the commented source code - believe me, I have no intention to keep it to myself after all the pain to get it done!



Thanks for all your excellent work Ángel!


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