Remember this?


Remember this article?

Its like a time machine to 1997 if you click on the link to HPs home page you get the home page used in 1997! Its almost like a snapshot of the internet.



I was unable to download the 2.5 MB .pdf of a June 1972 HP Journal article referenced on this page. I wonder if it is the one that describes how they determined what accuracy was required?

One sentence from the HP website article:
"The little "electronic slide rule" weighed only nine ounces (metric weight)."
???metric weight???


I have the PDFs if you want.


Thanks for the offer. I have ordered the PPC CD-ROM Set which should have some of the files, the website says it includes "All relevant handheld-related articles from the Hewlett-Packard Journal, 1968 to the present." and "... relevant HP Journal articles from 32 issues ranging from 1968 to 1996". The article "Algorithms and Accuracy in the HP-35" sounds like it must be the one mentioned in the thread about how "y^x" behaves on different models. I would appreciate you sending me that one (600 kB) in advance of the arrival of my CD-ROMs.

I tried to download the articles again, this time I clicked on the HP Journal cover which let me select past issues and then the special 25th anniversary issue, from which four .pdf's are supposed to be available: The 'Powerful Pocketful': an Electronic Calculator Challenges the Slide Rule (2.5 MB), Algorithms and Accuracy in the HP-35 (600 kB), Packaging the Pocket Calculator (600 kB), New Capabilities in Digital Low-Frequency Spectrum Analysis (2.3 MB). The first one acts like it is downloading but it never does (I let it go for a couple of hours last night!) and the others say they are not in the archive (the link is not to HP but to an archive service). Not only could I not download the .pdf's, my computer got completely hosed several times.


My PPC CD-ROMs arrived today and they do include all three articles about the HP-35.

Do you by any chance have the fourth article, which is about FFT analysis? "New Capabilities in Digital Low-Frequency Spectrum Analysis" (2.3 MB) I just got a piece of equipment from that era and I think it might be an early FFT analyzer. It is an HP-5480B "Memory/Display" with two plug-ins: 5485A "2 Channel Input" and 5486B "Control". The 5485A has a three position switch labeled "Histogram" and the choices are "Off Freq. Time"


There are some 'errors':

"weighed only nine ounces (metric weight)." really!

"Dave Hicks, an engineer at Intel Corporation in Oregon, is such an HP calculator fan, he owns every HP calculator model ever made." - Well I own an HP32Sii he does not have!!!

and perhaps they could update the text with: (my alterations in brackets)

HP continues to be first to (withdraw from the) market innovative calculator products that allow increasingly greater speed, accuracy and complexity in problem-solving ability, leading the way in (withdrawing) calculators for business, finance, science and graphics.


Tom wrote: ""Dave Hicks, an engineer at Intel Corporation in Oregon, is such an HP calculator fan, he owns every HP calculator model ever made." - Well I own an HP32Sii he does not have!!!"

Gene: That's hilarious. :-) It just goes to show how much trouble communication can be sometimes. :-)

Thanks for the laugh!

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