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He even snipped the watermark off of the bottom of the



Yes , .....

But how to do when you have not the ability to make a numerical photo of what you want to sell ???



Well if you're a crook you could steal a digital camera. If you're not a crook you could post without a picture. How much use is a picture of someone else's HP12C anyway? It tells me nothing about 12Cs in general that I didn't already know and it also tells me nothing about the condition of the one being auctioned.


When you'd like to borrow a photograph from this source, or any other, it is polite to ask the owner if he/she would allow it.

Dave Hicks honors many such requests, with certain few conditions. Like credit for being the source, for example.

It makes sense, doesn't it, to at least indicate what you are doing and why, even if you DIDN'T get permission? But to crop off the label and leave it looking like it was something YOU photographed in person, that is DECEPTION, isn't it?

Ask now why the man would not just say, << I don't have a camera (numerical photo maker, whatever) or scanner, but here's a photo from a neat website where you can find out all about this nifty calc >>.

Of course, just because he is practicing DECEPTiON here, does not mean he is dishonest. Go ahead, send him money. (I'm certain he DOES have a calculator, hahaha he wouldn't lie about THAT, now, would he?) --- Isn't eBaying sort of an exercise in trust? How much trust can you place in someone that gets off to such a start as borrowing and altering a photo and not getting permission nor crediting its ownership?

So that's the point in making a big deal of it. If he simply acknowledges on his page that it's Dave's photo from MoHPC, the public at large is at least aware that the photo is only a representation, NOT the particular calc itself up for auction. Then nobody is FOOLED. And Dave's site benefits from the exposure. That's not too much to ask for, I think.


The last person that ran a photograh that obviously wasn't the calculator he had for sale I sent him a simular inquiry and he immediately said he didn't have a photograph to use so he just borrowed that one and he even updated his ad accordingly. Some people are just new at this. This gives them a chance to set things straight.

The question was asked direct enough to get an honest answer. The question was evaded. This person was given the opportunity and wouldn't answer directly until asked directly.


No its not. My calculator is actually in better condition.

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Hi Bob,
Is this the actual calculator in the photograph.
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This calculator may have been used twice. Not a mark on it.

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In the picture the calculator looks like there are not scratches, dents,
or dings anywhere. So this is exactly what the calculator looks like right
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