Re: Non-calculator 82240B Printer Use


Speaking of 82240B printers-- Does anybody know a (non-eBay) source for the HP F1011A 12V power brick? TIA!


Need one myself. Wouldn't HP still have also?


I can't even get them to admit they ever made it... :^(


I think the power plug used on these machines is 9 volt AC, 15 watt. It is apparently the same one used in the HP95LX palmtop. Any good electronics surplus store should have something that works.


Yeah, but the F1011A has that neat folding plug and is actually pretty small. One interesting thing is that, according to the numbers I have for it, it is a 12V, 0.3A supply... Hmm.


I've been using a transformer for an Atari 800 XL which is rated 9V 31VA and has the right size plug. The printer manual happily gave a good description of the requirement, which has a lot of latitude. I'd like to quote the manual, but I can't find it right now.


Just out of curiosity, what does the manual say is the acceptable range for the power supply?


That's the one thing I do have is the manual but not here. If it is 9vac I'm in good shape as I have some left from misc telephone ans machines. Also redio shach carries many ac supplies now.


The manuals (for both 82240A and 82240B) specify 9-12 V AC or DC; 500-1500mA. The 82241A is labeled for an output of 9V AC 13.5VA MAX. The F1011A is labeled as having an output of 12V DC 0.75A, with the outer contact positive and inner contact negative. But the printers work fine with either polarity DC.



Thanks for the info!

That is a very wide operating range, and it seems really odd that it would accept both AC and DC power. Still, it is an HP product...


It there is a rectifier bridge at the input, you can disregard polarity.

While it is stressing things a bit, you can design for AC and think about DC as AC with zero frequency

It is POSSIBLE, but I am not sure if the printer is designed this way or not.


Indeed. It seems so typical of HP to devise such a baroque design for the thing. The mind boggles.


Actually the bridge rectifier input design is one of the simplest possible ones. It allows any polarity input voltage and if there is a filter cap the use of AC. As long as the circuit is isolated externally from ground you can feed it any type or polarity of voltage and not worry about frying things.


I have seen it at:

I have not buy from them but has answered some questions very politely.


Thanks for the site tip on the adapter!


Thanks for the info on the site, Julián! I'll give them a try.

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