A happy buyer :-)


Who said that the calculators of the hp have the high prices?

A happy buyer link

Now you look at the value of this computer:

General LBC-1100


The General LBC seems to be quite rare and the unit on auction is in very good shape and rather complete. Think of a 41 with HP-IL module, Printer and tape drive...

If you're the "lucky buyer", will you try to fix the broken display?


There are even the service manuals included, so you have all the information to keep this thing running in the future ...

Saile, congratulation to this great buy! The orange keys and the light grey case look rather unique compared to other HP calculators. Your collection has a new eye-catcher :-)


Does a lot of difference exist among General LBC and Sharp PC-1600?


The Sharp PC-1600 is by far more powerful than the General LBC which is a quiet simple machine.


If the owner of the HP 70 had shipped would wide, he may have got more for his calculator.

Users in USA sees to forget that there is a global market for old HP calculators.

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