Update to m48 HP48GX emulator for the iPhone


A new update (V1.1) is available for the "m48" HP48GX emulator for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Markus Gonser's iPhone port of Emu48 now includes 15 new skins (some are variations of the same theme) and a number of new options. The previous skin was very nice but I couldn't read the small lettering for the secondary functions of each key. The new Emu48 Real48 skin fixes that for me.
One big advantage of this App over the other two HP48GX emulators available for the iPhone is that the active key press area covers a larger area than just the small key button graphic. There is no "dead area" between keys. If you touch anywhere on the keyboard section of the the screen you will *always* get a key press of the closest button. This makes the keyboard much more reliable for a touch screen calculator. Try entering 1234567890 quickly on all three emulators and you will see what I mean.

Now when the update that allows programs and libraries to be imported and exported (similar to i41CX+ and 42s) is available, this will truly be a complete and powerful tool.

Changes noted by the author:
- Skins are now changeable and I already have added some new skins to the app.
- More skins can be downloaded from within the app (Make sure to check out the "m48 Starship" after downloading the "m48 Multiskin Standard" package. I have probably watched to much Start Trek during programming that skin :-) Also check out the skin from Staffan Sevón, which he kindly provided!
- Added sound support.
- New interpolation method for the LCD. Even for non integer ratios of lcd re-size, the result should look acceptable now.
- Added more information sections, some of them are online and will be updated frequently: News, Tips'n'tricks, FAQ
- Added settings pane, including many settings regarding Emulation, Graphics and Audio.
- bugfix: permanent lowercase mode should behave now properly
- bugfix: "static" which sometimes appeared should be removed

See more information at his website: http://www.mksg.de/


I especially like the "m48 Starship" skin and the sound effects! It makes using the calculator even more fun.


m48 Minimal skin makes it usable, which is a big step ahead. LS & RS need to be made visible - probably the arrows should be made white. I like the "alpha" solution. Can't wait for the I/O support. Congratulations for the author.

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