hp48 ew "rules menu"


Does anybody know how to use the tools of the hp48g Equation Writer?
What is +1-1 for? Most of times, T->, <-T and <--> seem to do the same thing (but the latter is the worse). And what about the other commands?
Is there a better documentation about them?
Or are the commands so useless that nobody wrote about it?
Has this been asked before?
The manual has too few examples...



I have an HP28S, and this calculator has these same features. Otherwise, its manual (HP28S Reference Manual) has a complete descritpion of each algebraic opperation available in the 28's ALGBRA [J key] FORM menu (I am not sure the 48G has new features on it's RULES menu). Anyway, I believe this is the fastest way to get acquanted to them.



Thank you very much. I wonder if the manual is available online... (HP Museum CD has more than I need. Too much for me.)


Hi, Marc;

I'll scan the pages (not that much) and send you ASAP; does it help?

I will be able to do it on Saturday, but if you are in a hurry, let me know. I'll find a way to get them to you before that.


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