I aquired a 4MB 200LX with a 440mb PCMIA card at HCC2009.

Now here's the rub. I have the following:

-  connectivety kit with the 3.25 disks and books.
- PC with Windows XP and 3.25 drive.
- PC with Windows 98 and 3.25 drive.
- 4MB 200LX with a 440mb PCMIA card.


-  Will the DOS prompt through Windows XP work with the 3.25 (I 
know I should try this myself and I will but I thought I would
ask first ;-)
- Would it work better on the Windows 98 machine (it's in the
- Has anyone used the 200LX with Windows XP and the connectivety

I think the last question says it all. Thanks for your input ahead of time!!

Cheers, Geoff


I've never tried the connectivity pack on XP, so I'm not sure how it'll handle DOS serial I/O. It will likely run it, at least. You might want to use 98 for that.

If you want the easiest approach, get a compact flash card (the 200LX will use most cards up to 256MB without a special driver) and use a PCMCIA slot adapter. Then find a cheap USB CF reader for your PC. It'll be loads faster than serial I/O too.


I should work in the dos box of the XP machine. If not take the win98 out of the garage, reformat it and run real DOS on it.


I should work in the dos box of the XP machine. If not take the win98 out of the garage, reformat it and run real DOS on it.

Or try DOSBox. DOSBox for Windows can use your Windows COM ports as DOS COM ports. You may need to install and run bnu.com first.

Hi Geoff,

Great new toy - and the 4mb version is nice. As to your question - do you want to use the connectivity pack to actually transfer files between the PC and the HP-200LX or do you just want to make use of the HP-200lx Emulator (APP200) to use the HP-200lx applications on the PC?

If transfer files, then like Dave said, most of the smaller CF and Memory Sticks will work just fine with the appropriate addaper. I've used up to 256mb with no problem. Makes transferring to/from PC very easy.

As to the emulator, I just tested the APP200 on my XP, and it works fine from the command line - with only one small quirk. The program switches to full screen only. So no running it and another program, but it does run fine. I've used it this way in the past to program/debug some very long equations that I then loaded onto a HP-17Bii or HP-19Bii. A lot easier to edit them on the PC.

There are a ton of info on the WEB about the HP-200LX, and most standard DOS programs run fine on it.

Since I know you are very skillful at HP Calculator repairs, you may want to try the backlight modification for the 200LX screen. See following link:

HP-200LX Backlight

If you do the backlight, I;d like to know how it turns out.

Have fun with your new toy.




the HP200LX Emulator runs fine in a small Window under VPC2007 & XP Home SP3.

(Virtual PC) VPC2007 is free from Microsoft. Give it a try.

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt

Edited: 11 Nov 2009, 9:39 a.m.



Thanks for info on VPC2007. I'll have to download it and try it out. I usually just use a true dos machine for the emulator - my favorite being the HP Omnibook 430.



While I am waiting for my PCMCIA adapter card I thought I would try Egan's suggestion.

After loading DOSbox and the calling it I tried to install the three original disks. After succesfully mounting A: drive and then calling "INSTALL" I kept getting:

The files must be decompressed before installing, please .....

So I thought I would try the Windows XP command prompt. I called up drive A: and then "INSTALL". The application installed correctly to the point where it gives you the option of identifying the correct com port or closing and then manually configuring the com ports. I chose the latter.

Back to Windows by typing exit on the Windows command prompt. I then called up DOSbox and mounted the correct C: directory with the connectivity applications APP200. The program ran perfectly under DOSbox and emulates the 200lx applications.

Serial RS232 cable and attached to the PC and the 200Lx. I have tried all the comm ports (1 and 2) with all variations and the two machines will not talk.

Now it has been awhile since I had to play with coms, serial cables and etc.

Any simple suggestions dealing with the first message:

Unable to decompress the files....  
which was not a problem on the Windows command prompt
but was a problem on the DOSbox command prompt.

Will not connect ...

Signed; learning DOS again, ;-)

Edited: 12 Nov 2009, 3:26 a.m.


Google for bnu.com, install and run that in DOSBox. Make sure you have your Windows COM port as DOSBox COM1 (its in the prefs file toward the end.)


Back to FOSSIL drivers! ;-)



Hello Geoff:

As we'd discussed; a fine machine.

FWIW, the way I use mine is via the PCMCIA card slot - one can purchase a PCMCIA-CcompactFlash card adapter and copy files to/from your pc via the CF card. I've only used up to a 256MB card; not sure what the size limitation of the card in this machine is.

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