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Short question:

While doing some research on a General Electric CE 93 RPN calculator Picture of CE 93 (rebadged Omron 12sr) before selling it on eBay, I found three matching websites with Google:

1) Serge Devidts - Only about 10 different calculator models were sold under the General Electric brand, most of them with the Genius logo.

2) Dennis Belillo - Sold in Australia among other places

3) Katie Wasserman - Manual in English and German languages

This makes to me no sense, maybe you can help me!

General Electric is a "huge" brand in the US, most auctions with GE calcs show up in Australia. I grew up in Germany and NEVER noticed a GE calculator there. Sure, my CE 93 has a Rosetta Stone manual, too - but WHY???

Any ideas about the GE calculators?

By the way - my other General Electric calculator, a CE 80 is clearly an OMRON design, too.

Thanks and Regards,

Link to auction

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