Indefinite integral calculation with 49g+/ 50g


Can these calculators perform indefinite integral calculation?(Integrals with no upper lower limits) Thanks in advance.

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Yes. Whether it meets your requirements, please read the manuals
here, or ask a more specific question which I'm sure forum members with more integration experience will be happy to answer.

You can also try the newsgroup news:comp.sys.hp48. If you don't have a news reader or browser support for news, try access via Google groups.

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Better yet, get the most up-to-date version. The HP site referenced above has only the older AUR edition 1.1 (HP 49g+) from 20 March 2006. The latest is edition 2 (HP 50G) from 14 July 2009. AUR edition 2 has 40 more pages than edition 1.1.

From HPCALC.ORG, here is the latest HP 50G Advanced User's Reference (AUR). (693 pages)

You might as well get the other reference document, the HP 50G Advanced User's Guide (AUG). (887 pages)

At HPCALC.ORG, very nice spiral-bound two-sided copies of the AUR are available for $15, and the AUG is $25. Extremely reasonable!

All told, you'll have almost 1600 pages to browse. The AUR is more important and useful than is the AUG.

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Thanks for the link Mike. Interesting that HPCALC always has the goodies before HP puts it up on their website :).


Yes, Bart, that's something I've never understood at all. I'm very thankful HPCALC.ORG is such a timely resource for this material.

It indicates a lack of interest on the part of HP that their official support sites often lack the latest documentation and ROM updates for many months.


It isn't lack of interest/desire, but rather the 10 layers/groups one has to go through to get things posted that is the problem. . .



So I guess the authorization path to get things released to a third party site is shorter? Or does the HP-website route have people that are very busy?

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It isn't lack of interest/desire, but rather the 10 layers/groups one has to go through to get things posted that is the problem. . .


You should push this up the management chain at HP. It's an embarrassment for the company and if someone high enough up the chain realizes it, they'll fix it.

I can understand that it might take a week to get something posted, but it shouldn't take more than that if people are doing their jobs.

Welcome to the wonderful world of working for a big company. :) :)

Dave (who was at AT&T for about 10 years)

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