OT CASIO FX-5400P $$$


This Casio has more value than a 71B !!!!
Could anybody explain?

Casio FX-5400P Link


This Casio has more value than a 71B !!!!
Could anybody explain?

True rarity, perhaps? (I'd never seen or heard of the Casio fx-5400p).

Two particularly-interested bidders? One interested bidder and a shill?

Viktor Toth's site shows that it was produced in 1987 only, which conceivably pegs it as a short-lived HP-71B imitator:


Don't confuse price with (practical) value or quality.

-- KS

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It is for two reasons (and probably more):
1) Maybe not many around, (71B's are much easier to find)
2) It's worth that to at least one person on this fine planet.

This astonishment of what things are worth, and what people are
willing to pay is crazy. Just be happy it wasn't your pocket change
(which is a third reason: some peoples pocket change is more than

EDIT: Crud, Karl won the race. :)

Edited: 8 Nov 2009, 12:24 p.m.


Could anybody explain?

Yes. It's quite simple. It was worth $465 to one person.

HP's are not the only calculators out there.

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