Club swapdisks


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had 33 'swapdisks'. I have now uploaded this to the MoHPC, and David Hicks has put them in Thanks David. A few points :
1) These are gzipped files that decompress into disk images (of 630784 bytes each). The file format is quite simple -- the first 256 bytes are block 0, the next 256 bytes are block 1, and so on. There's no header or anything like that. This format
works with my lifutilities for linux distribution, but I think you'll have to wrtie software to use it on other OSes.
2) I will try to produce some better documentation on the file format in the next week or so.
3) I have no documentation on the disks or the files that are on them, other than any documentaion files _on_ the disks. So please don't ask...
4) I am not responsible for these programs. If they crash your machine, too bad.
5) These are all the swapdisks that exist in HPCC (as far as I know). I'd obviously be interested in receiving any other swapdisks, but please check with me before sending anything other than plain text.


Thanks, Tony! I've been waiting years for these.

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