derivatives and indefinate integrals


Are there any calulators for calculus that can solve indefinate integrals, or perform differentiation?

I'm looking to input a function and get the result as a function, not as a value.




four come to mind.

Hp48G series (nearly = to 49g with free software)
Casio FX 2.0

There might be others I have overlooked, perhaps Sharp also has a CAS type calc available.


As Ron's response indicates (and I learned), there are
calculators that return functions for derivatives and
indefinite integrals, although IMHO if you're going to do
this, give it up and use Mathematica. You'll be glad you

Best regards,

Ion Abraham
Albuquerque, New Mexico


I IMHO would definitely recommend the 49G, though the 48 series are very good for that but much slower.

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