Rechargeable Alkaline Battery


I have just rebuilt my HP 25 Bat pack. I found the with a little shimming the Ray O Vac Alkaline Rechageable fits fine and runs the calculator.

My question is: Has anyone recharged one of these 1.5 Rechargeable Alk's inside the calc with the HP adaptor?

Any thoughts are appreciated. billx@earthline,net


DON'T DO THIS. They will explode. The algorithm for loading alkalines is completely different compared to the loading of NiCads. I'm not an expert for this, but I do know that recharging Alcalines without the special loaders designed for alcs cannot be reload in any case !!! Please load them externally with the correct charger. When you apply DC (like the HP charging circuit does) the alcalines will surely get hot and explode. Additionally I've read some warnings here in the forum, that nobody should use batteries with 1.5V instead of the 1.2V NiCds normally contained in the pack. When you want to use higher capacity batteries you can use NiMhs.

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