College Book store deals!?


If any of you are interested in the more modern HP calculators (HP-20S, HP-10B, HP-48 etc...) College bookstores can be great. Just today I saw a HP-20S at a Boston college bookstore (Wentworth) for $40 and was able to get them to sell it to me for $15! They also had HP-10B and 10BII calculators for about the same price.

On the other hand, another bookstore (Northeastern University) had a HP-49G for $230 way overpriced compared to its usual retail of $170. I think the pricing structure of the bookstores is based on if the paticular calculator is required for a certain math class or not. I noticed that many of the TI calculators had very high prices (the TI 86 in paticular) because the math department of the school requires it for Calculus.

If you look hard you can benefit from HPs choice to move away from the education market.


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