It's come to this . . .


Walmart - We Sell for Less!


Where is that Walmart?


Walmart isn't exactly the right place to sell a business calculator, I conclude. Staples still sells the 10BII for $36,99?


Too bad it is not true. You could make a killing on eBay!



Yes, it is true. I bought 33 at this price. And no, you can't make a killing on eB**. Just look at how many are offered there right now. I did sell enough on eB** to recover my costs. Then my wife asked for some to give to her students as rewards (she teaches high school).


I was unable to open the photo site with the pictures (I'm temporarily on dial-up).

I posted a couple of months ago about HP10BII calcs being sold at various Walmarts, in the US South, at least, at cut rate prices. I bought one in Athens, AL, for $17, and another in Blytheville, AR, for $11. For the money, they're quite nice.

I keep hoping for them to do likewise for the TI-89, which they sell for $160. One-third price is about all I'd pay for a TI.


Mike, the sign over the 10bII's said $2.


Now I feel silly thinking $11 was a great price! :-)


I particularly like the notion that it's sold as "Party Supply"!


I wander when we'll see the HP35S and HP50 in similar situation. And wouldn't be surprised.


I wonder how much Walmart actually paid for them?



That kind of thing happened at Walmart quite often. They put the price wrong but you won't get your calc for that price. I ran into that problem many times.


Did you read the thread above? The guy GOT 33 of them at this price.


Three years ago, I got ten 12C, those with the 3 button cells, for 20$ apiece. They were being sold out as the shop replaced them with Platinums ... .

I then asked 100$ per unit on ebay and they were gone quite rapidly ;).

A strange world.

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