Many of you may be aware, but just in case:

uBASIC is a most interesting / capable 'dialect' of BASIC which supports precision up to 2600 digits, rational and complex datatypes, list handling capabilities...

It is an older DOS era program, runs quite quickly and consequently very small.




it's a pity it's not in C. there are bits of 16bit assembler in there too. was a source code ever released?


If uBasic sounds interesting to you, you may want to have a look at the old Tiny Basic


which easily portable on almost any platform. I remember doing a 68k port myself back in the 90s.



What is perticular with UBasic is the native high precision numbers.

you can write a factorization program and provide an input in the form of 2^300-1 and expect to obtain the right factors.

You can display the factorial of 200 to the last digit.

and so on without having to deal with memory management.


There are many BASIC implementations that have surfaced then AND now. Most of them are freeware.


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