How you know you're getting older...


So, I was somehow the only bidder for a TI-59 with printer, multiple modules, lots of books, etc. ($5)

I haven't repaired a TI-59 card reader for awhile, so I did an internet search for advice.

I found an old posting on the HP Museum site describing how to do it. It wasn't until I read the posting that I realized that I had written it...almost 7 years ago.

You know you're getting older when you end up finding your own advice on the internet!


LOL! You gave me my first full belly laugh today. Hilarious!




Hi, Doc;

I´d suggest you some therapy, but...


Luiz (Brazil)


Thank you for that! Who knew reading through the HP forum could be so entertaining.



It will start becoming severe when you find yourself *surprised* finding your own advice in the net - or you can't remember Mr. Alzheimer's first name anymore ;)

Take care!


He had a first name? What a surprise.
Was it even a he???

- Pauli


I was trying to come up with a "vanity plate" for the car a few years ago. My final 2 were:


I guess I'll stick with MEM LOST.

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