Silver line above on-off swiths Classics



I stumbled yesterday in a watch magazine on some articles how to get some silverplating on plastic.
You would have to apply some conductive silver paint/precoating first and after that put it in a bowl with some dissolved silver salts and a contra electrode and run some current trough it.

I have never seen any discussion on this method in the forum, any ideas if this would be worth a try. The set is around 40€ so no a huge loss, but if someone already knows this is not working, it saves some money for aquiring new HP toy.

Also I was wondering how did HP do it when it was originally manufacured. Was tho top selectively covered, sprayed with a conductive aerosol and then some silver ions in the air that were by some voltage difference deposited on the plastic, like powder coating?

Kind regards


Hello Roland,

My first question: Is this for creating traces for electronics? If so I wonder how glossy or shiny the process would be and how permanent.

The original finish was vacumn plated as with car dashboard plastics.

It would be interesting to see a finished product.

Cheers, Geoff

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