HP95LX and IrDA / SIR Interfaces


Has anyone recently tried one of this IrDA interfaces offered at TAS (Germany) to connect 95LX and PC? I know the palmtop doesn't support all IrDA protocols, but in one "auction", SIR is explicitly mentioned.


Got a URL?


This is one of them:



Hello Thomas,

I assume that this interface isn't working connecting a HP95LX with a PC.

I wrote an article about the possibilty of IR transfers to the HP48 several years ago. This article can be found at http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=4856.

The IR interface inside the HP95LX is quite similar to the HP48 one.




Hi Christoph! Thanks for your article, which gave me some new insights on this issue. I was about trying a few interfaces but will probably stay away from it now. At least, until someone confirms a certain model to work.

It's really sad that there's no such simple way to connect older HPs to the PC.

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