HP 48GX connection to Laptop


I’ve got USB to serial converter (USB - RS232, PL - 2303 Driver for Windows XP, Prolific USB to Serial configured on COMM Port 8). I’ve installed all the relevant software and connected the 48GX to my laptop. When I try to establish the connection it gives me an error message: "ERROR (NO DEVICE DETECTED. CHECK THE CABLE CONNECTIONS AND THE CALCULATOR.)" Can you please help me to get my connection working?




Hi aubrey;

this has been discussed in this thread. If you have not red it yet, I think you might have a look at it and check the discussion. Maybe you´ll find some initial directions there.


Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Aubrey. I'm not the best at this, but I just did:

  1. Plug the USB into the laptop and then load the driver dialog, either from the tray icon or Control Panel>System>Hardware tab>Device Manager>Ports.
  2. Prolific seem to change the COM port used every time I plug in, so I always find which one (COM9 today) from the driver. I set the comm details _in the driver_ to 9600,8,N,1, no flow control.
  3. As a test, load HyperTerminal and in File Properties set the COM port to the right one. Check Configure on COM9 (or whatever) to make sure the properties are the same as the driver - interestingly, mine worked with xon/xoff, which I think is HyperTerminal/Kermit for no _hardware_ flow control
  4. Save that HyperTerminal config, just so it's easy to find and amend.
  5. File>Open the new config file.
  6. On 48GX, start Kermit from right-shift I/O... and set all the fields with the chooser, and pick any old object, ASCII.
  7. Start Receive Kermit in HyperTerminal, picking the directory where - Kermit writes the filename as the object name.
  8. Click Send in 48GX Kermit. You'll see a few packets go.
  9. Check the ASCII object file in your laptop directory.

Post back your result.


Good day Richard

Points no 1 an 2 I am happy with. Comm details 'in the driver' are set to 9600,8,N,1, no flow control.

Can you please explain points 3 and 4? How do I do the test, load the HyperTerminal?




HyperTerminal is in Accessories>Communication in the Windows Start Menu. When you start it you'll be able to see what I'm talking about.

My description of using HyperTerminal is for a test, before you get further involved copying directories, ports, etc. I don't mean to use HyperTerminal generally, as Conn4x is much better. It's free from HP.


Hallo Richard

Thank you for the help and assistance. I eventually established a connection and could get info from my laptop to my 48GX.

Question? I am trying to save 'Text'. When I want to upload it to the 48GX, it gives me the following message: "... txt file and does not match the calculator. This may damage the calculator contents."

I’ve got the info I want to save in "Word". I then convert it to .txt format (because of the size) obviously this format is incorrect, because of the above message. What is the correct format to save the "Word" document to?




Sorry, but someone else will have to help on this, or get these pdf manual scans (annoyingly can't be searched), if you're missing manuals:

User Guide Scan

Advanced User Guide Scan

For any other manuals and tons of other useful information, you should buy the very reasonably priced DVD set here:

HP Museum DVD set contents

Have fun,

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