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Hello everybody, I know I have to buy the DVDs set but ... can anybody help me on how to remove links from the HP-01 bracelet ? There a couple too much and I'd like to adjust it without breaking it ... Promise I'll get my DVDs set, it's definetely necessary now ... Thanks in advance for help, Alberto


Buona sera Alberto,

sorry I can't help you with the bracelet. But with the DVD set I recommend you wait a bit until Dave comes out with the update he said he will launch this autumn.





Hello everybody, I know I have to buy the DVDs set but...

That won't help, because it is not described in the user manual anyway ;-)

OK, this is how it goes: First, you detach one side of the folding clamp to get easy access to the bracelet. For this purpose, you need to squeeze the end of the stainless steel part (where there are to layers of sheet metal), which you then can hook-out from the steel pin that goes across the bracelet cover. (You also need to to this when you want to change batteries.)

Now you see that the three or four links closest to the clamp have little slots on the inside. You take a needle (or a very, very small screwdriver) and gently push it into the slot of the link you want to remove. While you apply pressure, the links can be slided out sideways. Be very gentle, there is not much force required to do it. Do not proceed if you encounter any resistance, the locking mechanism of the links is very delicate. Try another link instead.

Saluti, Max

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