HP-41C Card Reader ROM


Anyone knows where I can find the hp41 card reader rom?


Inside a card reader, of course!




do you need a replacement, say, the component itself, or only it's contents? I have an old 82104A that is not working (after plugging it in and turning the 41 on, it shows CARD ERR and locks the calc, having the batteries to be removed to switch it off), let me know if there is anything you need.



I need only the content.
Besides, I never had the card reader: I suppose it never arrived in


Legally, I think you still need to get the reader and extract the bits for your own personal use.


Apparently HP released the HP-41C/CV/CX roms to the public, as most of
the roms can be found in all the emulators distributions. The only
missing one is the Card Reader. I don't know if HP made an explicit
exception for that part or simply nobody cared to dump it.


As far as I know these have not been released. In my experience, simulators that can be easily traced to a person (like Eric's) don't include ROMs.


The card reader never arrived to Italy???

I bought mine here in Milan in 1980. Quite expensive, sure, but I remember that all the accessories were available here too... Never bought the printer though: it cost an arm and a leg!



So it was actually sold in Italy...

I was unable to find it, at that time. I wanted it badly: when I
started tinkering with synthetic programming "MEMORY LOST" became the
most common thing on my 41 display...


I could extract the rom from the dead reader and dump it...
This can be an option if I can't find a simpler way...

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