HP20 and USB as showed at HHC



someone at HHC showed me hi modified HP20b with a USB chip mounted in the 20b box...

Can you give me the chip reference?

thanks, cyrille


I believe Vern Lindsay had one with him. At least it had the USB connector exposed at the bottom. Sorry don't know about the chip(set).

Vern made it sound like he lived just across the street from you ;) ;).

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Afaik Vern lives in or somewhere near the potato capital, so this should be near to Cyrille's house;-)


This is interesting. I was recently thinking about how to add some kind of serial connection or IR output to the 20b :-)

- Pauli


I have no direct info, but I'd gues that person just glued
in an FTDI USB/serial chip (or maybe one from Silabs/Cygnal)...

Bill Wiese
San Jose CA


I was surprised to find that the 20B back cover is not transparent to IR.


I think Vern said it was a FT232 variant he bought pre-mounted to a board from SparkFun. The only problem was it was mounted on a 1/16" board instead of a 1/64" board, so it was too thick to close the case properly.


If we track him down, someone please let me know -- I'd really like to add that information to the HP-20b wiki. I think that would be a perfect add-on to the wiki (and the 20b!).


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