compiled local variable


Hello all!

I would like to write a HP-50g program containing a compiled local variable.

Problem is: I do not know how to type that small left arrow which precedes the variable's name using the calculator's keyboard.

Help would be appreciated.

Greetings, Helmut



when you are keying in your program, press [right-shift][EVAL] and all existing characters will be shown in the display (scroll it down and up, if needed). This is a way to key any character in. Choose it (cursor keys) and press [ECHO].


Luiz (Brazil)

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Thank you very much!



If you use it a lot, as I do, you might want to assign it as a one-character string to a user key.


It's right-shift 0 (zero)


Hi, David;

the right-arrow you get with the [right-shift][0] is not the same one you need for compiled local variables. The one that works here is the left-arrow, not available as a regular ALPHA character. Either you assign it to a key in the ALPHA keyboard (as Kiyoshi correctly suggested) or you use the CHARS menu.

I first read about compiled local variables (I do not remember reading about them in original HP manuals) at James Donnely´s "The HP48 Handbook" (2nd. Ed, p. 46). I consider this one a 'must read'. I also do not know if Willian Wickes tells about them in his "HP48 Insights", third volume (HP48G) because I did not read it (yet).

Hope this helps.


Luiz (Brazil)

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