Virtual display of my calculators - am I a Geek?


Hi All,

I've owned several calculators over the years and have now, for my own amusement, created my very own "vitual calculator museum" here:

Please have a look and post your comments. Edwin Russell - UK.


Yep, You're a geek! Walk with pride!


Well - aren't we all a bit geegy ;-)
I like the idea, and have collected a couple of old calculators that I have had during the years. The idea is to make my own museum as you, but having the machines "in hand"...
I will announce the museum on this forum when it will be available on my webpage...



Yes, Edwin, you're a geek. But we love you anyway. 8^)



Hi All,

What a thriving forum this is! In just 24 hours I've had 102 hits to my museum web page and 5 replies. Thanks to you all.

Edwin Russell - UK.


Anyone with a calculator wrist watch is not just a geek... he is an uber-geek ;) HP-01 rules!

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