Spice question


Has anybody tried adding memory chips to the various spice range.

My 34c has all three spaces on the circuit board populated. My 32e has only two. I don't have any others in the range to compare but I'd be surprised if they all had all the memory spots populated.

Has anyone tried this? What happened?

- Pauli


Hi, Paul;

AFAIR, many discussions here in the (far) past led us to the fact that many spices of the same type have incompatible IC´s. I have two 38C, one of them with two IC´s and another with only one (in both cases, it is apart of the big processor). It seems that HP changed their internals the same way it did with the Voyagers, mainly the HP12C, over the years.

I am not sure if their memory can be extended... but, hey, what do we know? HP has hidden so many information (belong to them, right?) that nothing is for good.


Luiz (Brazil)


The memory chips in the 30 series are combined ROM/RAM chips. There aren't any that are suitable for just adding more RAM, and even if there were, the ROM code wouldn't recognize it.


Thanks, I suspected they contained RAM and ROM but wasn't sure :-(

- Pauli

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