XKCD to our rescue:


or not :)

- Pauli


Hey, it is just like RPN, you have to move things around a bit first in order to eat it!


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i agree with this poster on the xkcd forum:
"the comic would have been better (imho) if there had been some more steps (sausage> mustard> bun +, +, mouth, +, "YUM!)"
yes; make full use of the stack.


Katie (wife) and I both are avid fans, but she looked at it yesterday and didn't understand it. I told her I printed it and put it up in the cube and she gave me a really funny look. When I told her to think of it with reference to calculators it clicked and she laugher. Apparently, up until then she thought it was some sort of vauge sexual reference (which it usually is when she doesn't get it. . . :-)


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