HHC 2009


Anybody tweeting from the conference?


Hey, that's a great idea! Especially for those of us who would LOVE to be there, but can't.

Gene? Tim? Feel like tweeting a bit? ;-)





Offering a webcam would'nt be so hard ;).

And HP could do an effort. What do they fear?


I'd be interested in getting a copy of the conference materials and would be willing to pay for it. I suspect others might also. Does anyone know if the materials are available? Anyone else interested in getting copies?


The 2007 conference proceedings are here. I don't immediately see last years proceedings, and I don't know if they plan on publishing this years either.


Information on DVDs of various conferences available here. Scroll down to see a table of available DVDs.



Eric, many thanks for providing some inside view of what was going on during these two days. The agenda looks pretty interesting, and these "Top Secret" items are really tantalizing .... wish I would be there, but Fort Collins is way too far.

HHC 2009 was even more intense than previous HHCs. There were several additional speakers that are not yet shown on the HHC 2009 website. Most people are probably taking a few days just to recover from the around the clock discussions. An NIST tour was taken by 24 of the 47 attendees on Monday, and it was also super because it was very personally conducted for us - and very technical.

Several astounding topics were presented and these will be discussed in time (yes, there was a new machine, but that is almost "normal?"). We learned a great deal about how HP calculators are being made under the present business model and most of us were quite surprised at how ignorant we were.

It is a new HP Calculator World and this will be described by postings on the HHC website over the next few weeks. My thanks to all who participated. The hotel was super, and HP was a GREAT host.

X < > Y, Richard

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