question about ebay


a while back someone here who seemed to know a lot about ebay said that it is possible to somehow list up to 20 or so interests and they automaticly pop up when you access that page. how do i do that, or what date was that posting?



do you mean the 'watch this item' feature?




if you are a member of ebay, you should be able to sign in to MyEbay. this is where your watch list is kept. if you are browsing items and want to add them to your watch list, it is near the top of the page in hypertext...just click it and add tour password if not already signed in.


maybe i misunderstood when i read it a while back, in my pre-ebay days. i thought it was "subjects" but it could have been individual "items". if i could remember which thread i saw this in or if i had thought i would ever need it and read it more carefully...... but i didn't so i didn't. thanks.


If you aren't speaking of the "Items I'm Watching" which is up to 20, that you can put on your "My eBLA" page, then maybe your are looking for the "Favorites". If not find a better hobby, cause you are no good at eBLA.

Contains: 1. Favorite Categories
2. Favorite Searches
3. Favorite Sellers / Favorite Stores

And if you are no good at eBLA that is something to be proud of. (:o)

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