When I use the inform on my hpg50 and wont to proram more than 4 items I get an error.
Is it correct that not more than 4 items can be used?
(Documentation is not mentiod that)

Hase someone a solution for this?

Thanks in advance

Jan Kromhout


Code? (should work fine unless I am misunderstanding you)



This is my code:

{ "WOQ" "" 0 }
{ "WZL" "" 0 }
{ "WZQ" "" 0 }
{ "EFCO2" "" 0 }
{ "WH2O" "" 0 }
{ 659.49820 6.29442 0.002705 94.0 1.80 }
{ }
{ }



Please can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

Jan Kromhout


Hi Jan, folks; (yeap, it´s me!)

I think you could try redefining the number of columns. Please, try this one (I am not sure, did not try in my HP50G):

"RECON" { { "WOQ" "" 0 } { "WZL" "" 0 } { "WZQ" "" 0 } { "EFCO2" "" 0 } { "WH2O" "" 0 } } {2} { 659.49820 6.29442 0.002705 94.0 1.80 } { }

The {2} argument means 2 columns with the input elements in each. It may work for the elements you want, I guess.


Luiz (Brazil)

(P.S. - hi, folks; I´ll be writing about my absence in a while, OK?)

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Luiz!!! We've all been looking for you. I couldn't find you online anywhere, and I've looked for years. You've been missed, my friend!!!! Don't go away again!!!



Hi, Doc; what´s up?

For the records: non-fatal heart condition due to repeating stressed activities. The ol´pump (I´m 48 Y.O., now) claimed for mercy with arrhythmic operation, and I had to slow down. No harm to the structure: muscles, "inner spaces", valves and blood flow were fine, just 'out of compass', followed by a little pain in the chest. Main fact is that I was pushing my limits up for about two, three years in order to show the bosses 'I could handle the pressure' (hence my absence...), but after that what was left of me was not that healthy anymore. Now I feel a lot better, working less (and having less $$$... nothing is absolutely beautiful, right?) but expecting to live longer.

Thanks for your warm 'welcome back', Doc... I appreciate!


Luiz (Brazil)

(folks: my old e-addresses no longer work; please, try; I have some calculators with me that must be returned back to their owners...)

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Luiz, I'm glad to hear that you're around, and hopefully will be around for a long, long time to come. Maybe I can send you a "get well" calculator. "Mother Nature's" way of telling you to slow down and spend more time with your hobbies!



Hello Luiz,

I'm so happy you're back and wish you the best for the upcoming years!

Please don't overclock it again!

Take care.




Mercy, mon frère; pour vous, le méme.

Luiz (Brésil)


Welcome back, and take care!


Hi, Jeff;

just to tell you that in one of my 'silent readings' into the forum messages (a few, rare visits in the last three months), I read this thread and your comment was noticed.

Thank you very much!

Luiz (Brazil)


You are very welcome, I'm glad you saw my comment.


Welcome back Luiz, so glad you're back on the scene :)

Take care,


Hello Luiz,

It's good to have you back. I missed you insightful posts.

Take it easy. And don't overclock your main (and only) "ol' pump." Remember that there is no backup, and a spare is hard to come by.


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