HHC 2009 only 1 week away...who is coming?


I'll be there.

HHC 2009 web page

List of door prizes looks really nice!

Door Prizes

P.S. Anyone getting into the Denver airport Thursday night around 7pm? :-)


I'll be there. You can upgrade my 90% to 99%. I'm driving from SLC, UT.


Yes me.


Yes Gene, I'll be there too. Sorry I won't be in Denver Thursday night, I'll be in Albuquerque. I won't be in Denver until Friday afternoon. Do you need any volunteers for envelope stuffing?

Jean-Francois contacted me last Monday saying my PIL-Box HP-IL to USB protocol converter was on its way. I hope to get it before I leave.



I'll arrive in Denver on Wednesday afternoon. I could be at the airport on Thursday evening if there was some particular reason to be there.


I'll be there. I'm getting into Denver at 11:00am on Friday.. Anyone need a ride to Ft. Collins?- email me.


I'm going to have to miss it again this year. Life is interfering with my hobby again. :)

Like an optimistic fan of a losing baseball team, I can say "maybe next year."



see you there!


The move to Colorado killed it for me. Unfortunately, I won't be coming this year. Hopefully it will be back in California next year.



The move to Colorado killed it for me. Unfortunately, I won't be coming this year.

Same here. I wouldn't have even needed a hotel room if the conference were to be held as originally planned at HP's since-sold complex in Vancouver, Washington.

-- KS


Me 2... Hopefully, next year at the (not yet disclosed) new location...


as originally planned at HP's since-sold complex in Vancouver, Washington

A friend's wife who works for HP, said the Vancouver facility is being leased by HP for the time being. So other than ownership of the buiding(s), it seems the conference wouldn't have necessarily had to have been relocated to Ft. Collins, as it's "business as usual" in Vancouver.

My daughter's birthday is this weekend :-), so I won't be attending HHC2009 :-(. Hopefully next year, in Boise ID.



I'm really curious what drives one to attend this event under the circumstances in the last 10 years or so.

The only reason I can see is nostalgia.


Lots of reasons Reth

hope springs eternal
meeting old friends
meeting new friends
sharing ideas
programming and new initiatives in calculator design

It is about the old and the new, although I have used HP since 1975 I am new to the conferences. The names that attend I have known through HP programming and using for the last 34 years.

I finally get to put faces, traditions and thinking to all the names involved in design whether or not one accepts the reality of calculator design and marketing today.

In any case, attend one of the conferences and then make a comment about the reasons for attendance.

Cheers, Geoff


Thanks, Geoff.
Please note I didn't make a comment but rather asked a question.


The fact that everyone who goes, even unwillingly at first, ends up having a really fun time and enjoying themselves immensely might have something to do with it. People that don't even like calculators all that much have gone and had a blast. :-)



Nice prize list. You can add two more items from me:

  • A standard 200LX, in full working order (but no batteries to preserve the insides)
  • Four wax candles with an image of an HP-48SX on the sides originally produced by the Dutch club, STORC.

    Those of a certain age from the UK reading this last point will automatically think of this. Perhaps they could be used as votive candles to help the HP team with their efforts to produce new calculators?

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    .....so.....what time do things start Saturday Morning?



    7:30 o-dark am!

    Cheers, Geoff

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