N-type Zinc Battery


I haven't been able to find alkaline batteries for my 41CX. However I found Vinnic 1.4V zinc batteries, like this one. I preferred to wait until next week, when alkaline batteries are due to arrive. Zinc batteries cost half the price but my concern is about the damage they might cause in case of leaking. Has anyone tried them?




Hi Gerson, i have tried both Zinc and Alkaline, and both work fine, except the Alkalines give longer life of course, and are better for using the card reader. If you use the card reader with zinc batteries, you will kill them pretty quickly.

Also, in Australia at least, Alkaline N cells are available from Tandy Electonics (= Radio Shack in US ?).



Hello John,

Thank you very much for the information. Yes, I occasionally use the card reader so I will try them only on the 28S.



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