db: You miss an important non-HP RPN calculator!



I just took some time to browse your extensive non-HP RPN calculator collection and found one-and-a-half Texas Instruments calculators:

The TI-51 VI RPN HOAX and the Mickey Mouse calculator.

But you miss the ONLY real Texas Instruments RPN calculator!

How comes? Here it is:

In case you need one - I couldn't resist to put one for sale. Just search for RPN Simulator in our favorite four-letter website (e**y) and think about it.




How true to RPN stack operations is the TI-50 RPN module? I never had one to play with, but I have heard, from true HP devotees, that it is more of a toy RPN imitation.

Now since you are THE TI guy (AND a friend of the HP/RPN community) tell me if my impression is correct?




If I recall correctly, the RPN simulator module is mainly a translator that allows you to enter some simple RPN programs and convert them to TI-59 code.

Specifically, it did NOT reassign the TI-59 keyboard to an RPN machine.

There were some rpn programs for the TI-59, but the number of keystrokes needed was high, as everything had to be entered via "SBR" (subroutine) commands. And since those ran in a TI-59 program rather than a machine code, these were painfully slow and of no real use....

I was disappointed when this module came out, as it was the TI-59 that took me through college. Despite its limitations, it was a very powerful machine.

They are still pretty cheap to buy ($10-20) and fun to restore, though I've stopped at about 10 working ones...<grin>



The TI Programmable 59 with the RPN Simulator is the best RPN calculator ever and easily outperforms the HP-67, HP-65 and even the HP-41C! Just buy it, test it for 3 months and compare it with your HP calculators. If you are not 100% satisified - just trade the calculator and module in within 3 months. No questions asked.

May the best calculator win!

No, I am not the sales guy from your local GM dealer - but I represent the Datamath Calculator Museum focusing on Texas Instruments calculators.

But - before I loose my credibilty in this wonderful forum:

The RPN Simulator module is a joke!!!

From the manual:

1) Enter the HP-67 keycodes amd watch your print cradle print the corresponding TI-59 keycodes in a program-listing format. HP-67 keycodes and step numbers are also printed for easy reference.

2) Key the program back into your TI-59 and record it on magnetic cards for future use.

3) Execute the program on your TI-59. Programs included in this library act as subroutines which simulates the RPN instructions.

You really wanted to do this on a daily base???

Hope this helps,



Very fun. No, the TI-59 didn't do RPN. Even if you tried. But it's still a great machine, with a great history, and mine withstood fairly heavy use for years... my original still works... even the card reader (not sure why).

Like most here, I still prefer RPN machines, especially HP's. But I have a respectable collection of TI's, and I enjoy restoring and playing with TI's as well. I have asked people to "keep an eye open" for calculators at garage sales, etc. and I have been brought a large number of TI-55's. Most of them still work as well as they did when they were new.

My HP-25 had such pretty, shiny traces on the circuit board in high school. But those traces were covered with solder, which corroded over the years. Most of the TI's had clear-coated copper traces that ended up being more resistant to battery gassing. (Except that darn SR-52 keyboard)

Anyway, I sure see a lot more dead HP's than dead TI's come my way. When restored, the HP's are amazing. Gotta give those TI's their recognition, though. Thanks for doing that for us.


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