HP simulator for Nokia smartphones?


There may have been an earlier post on this but I haven't seen anything in months that would be up to date. Does anyone know if there are plans to develop an HP calculator simulator for Symbian S60 v3? It looks like the Nokia E71 screen is of just about the perfect proportion to squeeze an HP-15C emulator into.... but I'd settle for a good RPN



I wold like that to.
S60 v5 with touch screen function and a HP41 would be nice, like the iPhone


A free Java HP45 is available on hpcalc.org. It's 240x320 pixel, so a bit small on newer high res screens e.g. 5800, but works.>hpcalc HP45 Java<

There is a newer version that fits the 5800 nicely available for purchase (~$8) on sites like Mobile2day or Handango.

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