HP's "Blue Mauritius" up for auction


Up for a "Buy it now" auction is a HP Calculator Digest from 1976 for 580 bucks. Here you'll find the auction, the gracious seller will ship for free. Is this the Blue Mauritius among all HP calculator literature? Perhaps I should make a best offer then, a block of Lehman Bros. shares ... :-)

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I think I will swap him with my authentic unpublished Beethoven musical manuscript.




I think I will swap him with my authentic unpublished Beethoven musical manuscript.




I should consider to sell my deads to the Brooklyn bridge :-)


The seller has other HP calculators that he is selling with rather high price tags. An you thought time travel to the past was impossible!!! I sure hope he will not hold his breath. I hate to see a fellow seller expire like that!




Not only the calculators are pretty expensive, did you see the wall warts' prices? For such a lot of money I would expect them at least to work, even when not plugged into a wall outlet.

What about your Beethoven manuscript? If ol' Ludwig van printed it on an HP-97, I'd give you a bid for it, provided, you sell me his original mag cards, too :-)



You are a good guesser! The manuscript I have for Beethoven was printed using an HP-41C and an external HP printer!!!

Now many readers will ask how on earth did Beethoven get an HP-41C?? Well, thanks to the Einstein Express, I was able to send the old master all these gadgets back time!





Have you seen how many remotes he is selling....My wife has issues picking the right one from the 3 at home, can you imagine if I had that many hanging around at our home...


Finally it has been sold for $579.99, congratulations to the lucky buyer!


Was it worth it?


Nope, he didn't sell it. It's up for auction again at the same price.
Either the seller is pretty sure to find a dude, oops, I mean a buyer, or he doesn't mind paying high ebay fees.

I wonder, what makes this magazine so very special, of course without considering a buy (since my cash cow is constipated for a while :-))


I wonder, what makes this magazine so very special

Presumably the fact that it is Volume One. The first edition of anything is always considered more valuable than subsequent issues. For example, I have Volumes Five and Seven of the HP Digest, but I imagine that they are less valuable for that reason. Of course, I have no desire or intention of selling them, any more than I would sell my Red Dot. As far as the item not selling at that price, well, the market has spoken and clearly no one has felt it is worth that much.

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