Restoration of an HP-15C


Dear All,

I was lucky and got an HP-15C for my collection. Although it's functioning the front of the cabinet is in rather bad shape:
- the chrome color of the "HP 15C" nameplate in the upper right hand corner is totally gone
- there are lots of scratches on the aluminium bezel.
(I made a photo but couldn't load the photo into the message. This would be a very welcome addition to the message editor).

Now my question: On ebay I found a
"Glass and Mirrorspray" by a company "Reeves". Does anyone have experiences with this spray or another product to restore the chrome color ? And what can be done about the bezel ? Wasn't there someone in this forum writing a book about restoring HP calculators ?

Any hint will be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance

Kind regards



Geoff Quickfall is writing a repair/restoration book.

This thread discusses the book and restoration of a 10C bezel.

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Thanks Jeff, for the info and the link. I hope Geoff is reading this - he may have some experiences with chrome colors (as the glass and mirror spray I found) and if so I say a big PLEASE to share it with us. And now I know I need a copy of your book. Please let me know when it is available and if it would be possible for you to send a copy to Germany and how to pay for it.

Thank you very much in advance

Kind regards



I think there are more than a few of us wanting to know when the book will become available.

- Pauli


Regarding images, the forum software allows you to link to an image hosted elsewhere. I'd guess the curator isn't interested in hosting all the images that would accumulate over years, but that's just speculation.



Hello Karl, and others!


unfortunately any spray paint used, even those designed to bond with plastics will wear. If however you want to try it, I suggest that you remove it of course. Clean it with water, soap and a good rinse then after a thorough dry. Give it a light dusting of the silver spray. Follow that with a few coats. Then using a black wax filler pencil, fill in the 15C engraving. Rub off the excess.

These paints never give the 'mirror' finish they promise. The only way to do that is to vacumn plate the plastic.

An alternative is to remove the chrome, then polish the resulting black badge, then fill in the HP15 with silver paint. Not original but attractive and the added benefit of never having to paint it again!

The book: is almost complete, up to 400 photos and should top out at 350 pages. Problem is, information keeps coming up in this forum, like the delrin or nylon ball replacements mentioned in the HP-97 posting below.

Unfortunately it will not be done in time for HCC2009 next month I don't expect a major delay. Also, those attending the HCC will be getting a preview in the form of the talk in which they will see the quality of the photos and text and will be

Cheers, Geoff

p.s. keep an eye out at the auction site as the badges do come up occasionally.


Hi Geoff,

I wish I had your talent/hard earned skill! I've successfully "tarted up" my HP-15c's bezel (using techniques you've posted elsewhere on the forum) and it looks infinitely better than it did when I took delivery of the calculator. However, your efforts are beautiful! At any rate, thank you for the advice on the badge. I used a brush and silver model paint and it didn't turn out that well. However, using your black wax pencil trick has made it passable until I can get organized to re-do it properly with spray paint. Actually, I quite like the reversed colour scheme that you suggested as an alternative. We shall see.

I really wanted to ask if, when the book is finally finished, it will be available for general purchase (ie outside of conferences and meetings)? I certainly hope so!

Thank you again,



Hello Geoff and others,

I'd like to thank you all who took the time to respond to my questions, especially Geoff who provided additional photos. I'll keep your good advice in mind and will try my luck with this 15C.

Thanks again and I'm sure your book, Geoff, will be a bestseller.

Kind regards


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