replacement for nylon balls in HP97 card reader


Hi everybody, while restoring an HP-97 card reader, I have noticed that only one out of the original four nylon balls was in place. Has anybody found a compatible item for replacing them ? Thanks in advance for help, Alberto


1/8" nylon balls

Shipping will be more than the parts...

Send me an email and I will post a set to you.



I found these replacement balls some time ago and have been using them ever since, but never found a suitable replacement for the rolling-pin shaped part. Do you have an alternative?



...Do you have an alternative?...

Unfortunately no. But on the up side, the only bad ones I've ever seen are the ones I lost ;-)


I read from someone who used a watchmaker's lathe to build one. It did come out fine, I think he used brass, but "Never again" was written (maybe between the lines) IIRC.


I remember something like that too. Since I haven't seen these on ebay, my guess is that it was much too hard to repeat.


I agree, get 1/8 inch balls at

I use the Delrin balls myself.

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