Breaking news.


An HP48GX emulator for iPhone.


I haven't downloaded or tested yet. Just thought I'd let folks know I happened across it..

(edit: added a message to my post)

Edited: 11 Sept 2009, 11:23 a.m.


This looks very nice. For SX and earlier model GX users, this simulated screen is a great improvement. I have a late model GX with the improved black text screen, but this simulation looks even better than that.

I would assume that this simulator would run much faster, and perhaps be free of the annoying garbage collections. However, you are certainly not going to have any tactile feedback on "key" presses. I wonder if you can activate an audible key click.


1) Free. No charge.

2) Runs this program in 28.96 seconds. << TICKS 1 10000 START NEXT TICKS SWAP - B->R 8192 / >>

3) What does a real 48GX do on that loop?

4) No audible keyclick settings that I can find. No preferences at all.

5) Perhaps if the screen could simply be made white with black pixels it would be more readable?

All for now.


Real HP 48GX runs this loop in 29.13 s. The emulation appears to run slightly faster than real calculator speed (my iPod Touch 2G runs it in 22.52 s).

Edited: 11 Sept 2009, 5:47 p.m.


Emu48 (1.41) on WinXP in real speed mode runs the program in 29.51 seconds.


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