used HP28s or new HP32sii?


I am looking to replace my worn out HP28s which I have used since college (12+ years). I'm thinking of either buying a good condition 28s (which I am very partial too) on ebay or buying a new 32sii. It's my understanding that the programming of the two calculators are very different. Does anyone have a recommendation as to what calculator is probably a better choice? Thank you.


You obviously take care of calculators, since an Hp28s is one of Hp's more fragile calc's. If you program or use lots of the functions, a 32s will seem cramped. Since you made a 28s last so long, I would recommend another or consider a 48g or 48g+. An Hp32s is more durable and will outlast an Hp28 under normal use, but only has about 1/2 K of RAM vs 32K for a 28s or 48G. (I have heard negative comments about the latest Hp calcs quality, consider New, Old stock).


Like the original poster, I turn to this discussion group to
learn more about HP calculators and hope the advice given will teach me and not hinder my quest for this "geeky/gaga" knowledge. That written, I recall a couple months back someone asked which HP calc "was the best one to buy". (I believe the context inferred only those models currently available on store shelves.) And the 2 responses that person received endorsed the 32SII. Now 2-3 months later there are a couple of responders writing that the 48G(X) is better...

Who is to be believed?


I am.

That said and out of the way, these two calcs have different uses. The Hp48/49 lines are the powerhouse all purpose calculators that can do it all.

Now if you need a basic scientific that you may customize one or two functions and carry with you into the field, you will appreciate an Hp32s. It is a pocket calculator that is very durable and function rich. Can it compare to a 48? No, it cannot. But it is not a monster sized graphic and that is its appeal.


I agree.

And I'm also reminded of a series of graffiti entries I saw on a wall near the local university. Apparently three different people had engaged in a bit of spray-paint dialectic:

"Question Authority!"


"Because they're supposed to know!"

Ron is clearly the authority!


When you say you're partial to the 28 do you mean with respect to the other RPL-based calculators like the 48S,SX,G,G+ or GX? If you like the 28S and have never tried the others I think you should. Any one of them is a worthwhile and seamless upgrade from the 28S, particularly the G series. In addition to the built-in improvements over the 28 you will have access to a huge amount of software written over the years for all of these models. The 28S and 32SII are so different I don't know why you would set your choice between these two. The 28S aims for top of the line performance in the most advanced user interface. The 32SII is a capable low-end RPN calculator in the tradition of HP quality but lacks dazzling sophistication except in comparison to most non-HP calculators. IMO the correct upgrade for a 28S would be a 48G+ or GX.


I guess I'm partial to the 28s just because I'm very used to it. Went thru college, used it at work, and passed the PE Exam with it. From what you said it sounds like I could start using a 48G series which works close to the way the 28s does. Since I'm no longer in college the graphing features will be wasted on me but I kind of like the 4 line display. Thanks for your advice.


Check eBay for current going rates on the -28S. Searching "Completed Items", for "*28S calculat*" (without the quotes) should work. I just checked, and it looks like the -28S seems to be going for $60-$70. There are at least three up for bid as I respond.

I actually prefer the -28S to the -48G, but they are more fragile. If you go that way, you'll want to ask about the condition of the battery compartment door, and expect to have trouble with it in any case.

The -32SII has apparently been discontinued, so it will become a bit harder to find. I like it for base conversions at the office and trig calculations at the workbench, but its programming is severely limited.

Good luck!


I agree with everybody else's statements, the 28's successor is the 48 (or maybe a less desirable but more powerful 49 :). I just wanted to strongly emphasize what you already said, I rarely ever use graphing, but those four lines, and the "command line", they're _invaluable_. And you'll see added an "interactive stack" (I don't remember a 28 had this), you may scroll up and down the stack, do things with non-level-one entries.

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