HP 48 serial cable but no serial port in laptop


A questions to all downloaders out there... I do not have a serial port in my laptop...I wonder how to adapt (if it's possible) the HP 48GX serial cable connector....Any idea?


Get a USB to Serial adapter. I prefer the Keyspan (19HS) adapters because they work with Windows, Linux, and OS/X. Any should do that your OS supports.


Thanks Egan...!!! As simple as that? no other consideartions? Thanks again


I tried similar for old Palms but they didn't work. Are some different? Are drivers required?


Are some different? Are drivers required?

Yes and yes/no. OSes now have better support for USB to serial. I picked the Keyspan years ago because it had great driver support. I had to install the drivers on XP and OS/X to use. I have had no problems with my Garmin GPS, Zaurus PDA, and 48GX with the Keyspan on XP or OS/X. It even works with VMware running XP on OS/X.

I'd guess that USB->Serial has matured enough to just work.

BTW, I have also had great luck with Bluetooth to serial. I have two different kinds and both work great with XP, Linux, and OS/X without any drivers required. The only issue with BT->Serial is that you need to power the device.


Try: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.24512


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Thanks Paul!!! perfectly on line...!!!


And remember the massive $2.99 includes shipping anywhere....

- Pauli

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Niiiiice, going to order a couple of those. Anybody know how this model works with Conn4x?


I suspect most of these adaptors work most of the time; I have been using a no-name one, not even a single solid piece like the one given here, and it works for my 48G/G+ machines. Mine consists of a USB connector and a serial connector, connected by a length of cable.


I have adapters from HP and from Belkin which both work with the 48. They also work with my GPSs, etc. But I also had serial devices which refused to work with those adapters (a Sarad doseman for measuring Radon concentration in air).

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